The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is thrilled to announce that Jessica Mauboy has agreed to join our wonderful team of ambassadors, alongside our previously announced new recruits: ,William Barton, Deborah Cheetham, Ursula Yovich and Richard Flanagan. Jessica is one of Australia’s most popular singers, songwriters and actresses, and will help us raise funds and build awareness as we continue to work to increase literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities across Australia. Jessica has spent time in many of these remote communities and understands the many challenges and barriers to literacy that exist in these areas. “Kids in these communities are smart and often speak 2-3 languages, but English is often not their first language and they can therefore struggle to cope at school,” she said. “I passionately support ILF’s belief that literacy opens the door to a world of opportunities – including jobs, better health and general wellbeing and I am very much looking forward to doing what I can to work with them to make a real difference.” The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that has delivered over 120,000 free and culturally appropriate books to more than 250 remote Indigenous communities and service organisations across Australia. Resources are an essential first step in communities where there are simply no books in homes, no bookshops and where only 36% of the population can access a library. In its four years as a Foundation, ILF has published and funded over 41 community literacy projects, many of which have been published in first languages. The Foundation’s core aim is to address literacy at the earliest age and its early literacy Book Buzz project works in a small number of communities. In one of these, Warburton, books have been translated into first language and have helped significantly improve literacy standards within the community.